Bradley Round Tracks
  • Bradley Round Tracks
  • Round Track measurements (glider eye height 30mm from ceiling)

Bradley Round Tracks

Bradley Round Tracks

Length End cap Ceiling brackets Gliders Bay bends
2000mm x2 x3 x20 n/a
3000mm x2 x4 x30 n/a
4000mm x2 x5 x40 n/a
4800mm x2 x7 x48 x2

The colour is always Brushed Nickel as shown in the pictures. Please contact us for measuring instructions for Bay bends.

Made to measure track length

If none of the sizes above are suitable for your window Ada & Ina also provide a made to measure cutting service. To cut your track to the required size, please select a suitable track length and fill in the exact measurement (in centimeters) in the box below. Please note: the width will be excluding the end caps, which add 2 * 2mm = total of 4mm to the width.


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